About Storm

Storm Rock Band are a Yorkshire based band who focus on playing the best range of rock/pop/ska covers with a sole emphasis on making sure you have a great time.

We are four guys with a passion for entertaining who love playing music together to try and create a fun atmosphere at any venue we play, after all you gotta let your hair down some time dont you!

Picking only the most well known songs there is always something for everyone, from headbangers singing away to Snow Patrol to Grandmas dancing to JUMP, Its all there!!!

The current line up has been together for 3 years but the band originally started over 10 years ago and through various forms settled here today.

If you have never seen us play before come on down and check us out, If we like you we may even buy you a nice cold beer.

See you soon!, and Rock On!

A very lovey dovey picture of STORM Rock Band