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About Aden

Born and rasied in the 1980's to a backdrop of Cock Rock (Think Bon Jovi, Whitesnake and Queen, et al), Global Hypercolor T-Shirt's, Paul Gascoigne and Blind Date.

Started singing and playing guitar in his first band aged just 10 before leaving the guitar behind to form a Harmony Boy Band for a few years with his friend to woo girl's (blonde highlights mandatory).

After finally finding his rock sensibilities again and putting away the 4 Kilo tub of hair gel he re-learned the guitar and joined STORM, why he turned down singing songs about love to random women in exchange for playing in a band with his Dad and random other men is still a mystery to himself.


Cold Beer, The Internets, My Guitars (I have a very unhealthy relationship with them), Walking, Cold Beer


Broken guitar strings, Badly Sprained Ankles

Favourite Band/Artist

Prince, Jeff Buckley, Boyz II Men, Thin Lizzy

Favourite Storm Song/s

Use Somebody - Kings of Leon
Purple Rain - Prince