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  1. Thanks guys for providing the icing on the cake on Sunday at Oulton Hall at Sally & Arron's wedding celebration. You've been with us along this long journey and it was great to see Storm back rocking at their best. Love your new bass guitarist fits in perfect.
    Many new converts to Storm after the gig and Aiden of course had a few hearts fluttering. Surprise surprise.
    Keep on rocking guys we love you all.

  2. PS
    Nelly - your hairs great and I can fart louder than you! Lol. You did my daughter proud. Thank you.

  3. You were amazing at my daughter Kirstys wedding last year at The Coniston. Proper loved you x

  4. Rocked th3 Roman bath ...hit it out the park guys ...Rock on brothers

  5. Great party on Friday for Sally & Arron's engagement guys.
    Everyone was loving the music and party atmosphere Storm always produce
    Keep on rocking we'll be seeing you at the wedding

  6. Saw you yesterday at Kendal, got to say I thought you were brilliant, really enjoyed your set and hope to see play again when you’re in sunny Cumbria 👍🏻

  7. Just been to rock on Kendal in cumbria. Storm were one of the support bands for Status Quo. The were really good lots of covers including Neil Diamond Sweet Caroline but as rock versions. My missus thought they were brill and actually preferred them to massive wagons.

  8. Another fantastic gig at Jeremy's on Saturday night we're thinking of changing the name to "The Sweat Box"
    Good to hear some new additions to the sets with a storming Sweet Caroline to finish off with.
    Keep on rocking boys be seeing you later in September.
    Arron & Sally appreciated the "engagement" shout

  9. Another great gig at Jeremy's Brighouse Friday night. Place was packed the music was fantastic and the burgers weren't bad either.
    Good to see you guys again

  10. Well saw you guys at the Beer fest Hall Bower today you were Amazing, my granddaughter who is a Little Rock chick at the tender age of 3 was blown away, her first ever live music gig think it's the first time I have ever seen her speechless, and my hubby knows the drummer small world, think we will definatley be following you was awesome the best band there keep it up, hope your back next year !!

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